• ground or air,there is no stopping for us

    ground or air,there is no stopping for us

    With over 10 years of experience in freight forwarding services, we offer tailor made container shipping/general shipping solutions, using different modes & methods. We are the perfect partner for your global logistics shipments

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  • Any Shipment, Any Type, Shipped  Anywhere In The World

    Any Shipment, Any Type, Shipped Anywhere In The World

    From loose granite chips to furniture, we can ship all items and any volume safely, securely and timely anywhere. This is what we have been doing for years.

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  • Global Logistics Made Simple With Our Customs Clearance & Tracking Facilities

    Global Logistics Made Simple With Our Customs Clearance & Tracking Facilities

    We can provide you bespoke global logistics solutions & a complete peace of mind with our customs clearance work by our dedicated clearing agents and container tracking/general tracking methods for optimised transport of your freight.

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Nigeria Based Shipping Agents Provides Freight Forwarding Services

Our Services

We move your cargo all the way worldwide whether it is just a single pallet or a full container ! We pick it up at your doorstep and deliver to any business address you wish!

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    Air Freight

    We can undertake all of your urgent shipping requirements with our domestic and international air freight services...

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    ship agency

    Our professional and efficient ship agency services can handle all kinds of vessels and cargo calling at the ports of Apapa...

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    We realize savings potential in the supply chain...

  • learn More Clearing Agency

    Clearing Agency

    PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD can offer highly skilled customs clearance agents capable of coordinating documentation, assessment and other requisites...

Our dedicated Team will deliver the best service you can ask ..

PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD is based in Apapa. Located to the west of Lagos Island, Apapa contains a number of ports and terminals operated by the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA),including the major port of Lagos State  and Lagos Port Complex (LPC). PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD can be considered as one of the most skilled freight forwarder in West Africa, offers as part of its comprehensive range of freight services, a full 4PL services as well as a door-to-door delivery, which are highly personalised freight forwarding services. So, whether you are an individual, a retail outlet or warehouse, let us take charge of your freight at source and deliver it to your destination safely, securely and timely without you needing to worry about anything.

  • 1 Full logistics management ( 4PL)
  • 1 No risk of loss or damage to your goods
  • 1 Consignment of any size or weight
  • 1 Customs clearance of the shipments
  • 1 Real-time tracking of the shipping movement

why choose us

Let's admit it ! There are hundreds of companies like our own out there to choose from !!!
But finding one you can count on , build a relationship with for the long term, is a difficult task. 

Here are some reasons why you have made the best decision for your company by choosing us .

Single Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

We aim to provide you the best possible service, offered by a single, named contact who is going to look after your interests end to end – right from submitting your documents to coordinating the shipment and answering your queries whenever you have a problem. This means you can be sure that a skilled and experienced staff, who understands your business, will be available to talk with you as and when needed and this will enable you to know that your ship, cargo and crew are in safe hands.

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Want to establish a career in the field of Logistics Business Management? PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD provides fruitful job opportunities to enthusiastic individuals interested in working as a part of the Nigerian freight forwarding industry. Our company needs efficient and qualified people who can work with us for handling international and domestic imports and exports on a regular basis. If you think you have got the required skills and potential to be a part of our organisation, apply for one of our open job positions today.