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Clearing Agency

Customs clearance is an important aspect of freight forwarding services especially if it is in countries like Nigeria that has strict excise laws and customs. This is because lack of knowledge of the clearing agents on local customs regulations & improper handling of documentations may cause havoc to the supply chain resulting in great losses & legal wrangles. See Useful Links for Nigeria Customs Administration.

PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD is a reliable, licensed and popular customs clearing agency & pays attention to all kinds of details involved in the process of customs clearance both international shipping and national and ensures its customs department is updated constantly regarding the news laws as well as regulations.

Features of our customs clearance services:

  • Registration of contract with customs for project clearance
  • Documentation at the home depot
  • Advising the customer on documentation of contract, purchase order, packing list and invoice to make the document compatible with Nigerian customs for proper classification and easy clearance in customs
  • Carting/obtaining goods
  • A detailed inspection of shipments
  • Port handling & arranging bonded warehouse whenever needed by customers in need of the freight services
  • Clearance of import cargo at port of entry/home depot
  • Reconciliation of contract after completion of import whether intermodal container, container shipping or air freight
  • Suggestions on efficient packing for economic handling & safety
  • Managing stuffing as well as de-stuffing at customers warehouses, ICD's and ports

Import and export customs clearance:

  • Duty rate
  • HS classification
  • Preparing bill of entry
  • Processing customs inspection, assessment, clearance and receiving customs out of charge as well as arranging dispatch and delivery to final destination
  • Preparing national/international shipping bill
  • Classifying scheme shipping bills
  • Weighing the cargo at the home depot before shipment
  • Acknowledgement of goods
  • Marking and labelling
  • Ensuring presence at the time of customs inspection

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