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Effective customs clearance is crucial in ensuring that goods are delivered promptly and efficiently, especially in countries with strict customs regulations like Nigeria. Improper handling of documentation and lack of knowledge of local customs regulations by clearing agents can cause disruptions to the supply chain, resulting in significant losses and legal issues. At Prime Next Logistics, we understand the importance of proper customs clearance and have a team of skilled agents dedicated to coordinating documentation, assessment, and all other requirements. As a licensed and reliable customs clearing agency, we stay updated on the latest laws and regulations to ensure a smooth customs clearance process for both international and national shipping. You can trust us to handle all the details involved in customs clearance, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. For more information on Nigeria Customs Administration, check out our Useful Links.

At PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD, we understand that customs clearance is a critical component of freight forwarding services, particularly in countries like Nigeria that have strict excise laws and customs regulations. Improper handling of documentation or lack of knowledge of local customs regulations by clearing agents can result in significant disruptions to the supply chain, leading to losses and legal disputes.

That's why we offer reliable, licensed, and popular customs clearing services. Our customs department stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and laws to ensure the smooth and efficient clearance of your goods, whether they're being imported or exported. We pay attention to every detail of the customs clearance process, including the documentation, inspection of shipments, and arranging bonded warehouses whenever needed.

Some of the features of our customs clearance services include registering contracts with customs for project clearance, advising customers on documentation requirements, obtaining goods, reconciling contracts after completion of import, and managing to stuff and de-stuffing at customers' warehouses, ICDs, and ports. We also provide suggestions on efficient packing to ensure economic handling and safety.

Trust PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD for all your customs clearance needs, whether you require international shipping or domestic services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

Import and export customs clearance:

Here are some of the operations that are typically included in import and export customs clearance:

For Import:

  • Registration of the contract with customs for project clearance
  • Documentation at the home depot
  • Advising the customer on documentation of contract, purchase order, packing list and invoice to make the document compatible with customs for proper classification and easy clearance
  • Carting/obtaining goods
  • Detailed inspection of shipments
  • Port handling & arranging bonded warehouse whenever needed
  • Clearance of import cargo at the port of entry/home depot
  • Reconciliation of contract after completion of import
  • Suggestions on efficient packing for economic handling & safety
  • Managing to stuff and de-stuffing at customers' warehouses, ICD and ports

For Export:

  • Registration of the contract with customs for project clearance
  • Preparation of shipping bill
  • Preparation of export declaration
  • Fixing shipping and inspection agencies
  • Receipt of goods
  • Measurement, Weightment, and Quality Check
  • Transportation to the port
  • Handling of stuffing at factory premises or warehouse
  • Transportation to port and/or stuffing
  • Customs clearance at the port
  • Preparation of bill of lading and other documents
  • Handling of post-shipment documentation and endorsements
  • Communication with carriers and overseas agents
  • Advising customers on import/export restrictions, tariff systems, insurance requirements, and other custom-related matters.

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