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For various firms, logistic deficiencies and organizational problems in the supply chain, are a systematic source of financial bottlenecks and timing problems. Logistic resource management is often extremely complex, while contract partners and service providers are sometimes difficult to control and monitor; even a business' own warehousing can create disproportionately high costs.

PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD, as 4PL logistic company, to remedy all these problems is takin responsibility for the entire logistic process, including control and management. This form of delivery its streamlines the cargo movement by eliminating the demand for several intermediaries & facilitates the full logistics management at a low rate without encompassing any risk of loss or damage to the goods.

As a matter of fact, businesses that transfer part or all of the logistics activities to a 4PL provider such as PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD, are able to concentrate on their core business to the full benefit of their customer, products and markets.

Our services include:

  • Taking charge of any consignment at source
  • Preparing & processing all the necessary paperwork
  • Packaging the goods professionally for safe & secure transfer
  • Self-carrying the consignment to the port/airport's departure point & overseeing the loading process
  • Keeping watch over the unloading at the destination port/airport & managing the paperwork as well as administrative details for fast customs clearance
  • Systematically arranging onward delivery to the cargo's final destination
  • Time bound deliveries of the freight shipments right to your doors

You will have no problems in communicating with us. Our highly trained and experienced staff are multilingual and are known for their attention to detail and professionalism.

Advantages of our 4PL services:

  • Flexible and direct routing
  • Shipments of any weight or size
  • Choice of airlines
  • The shipments clear customs
  • Technical expertise and consulting
  • Experience smooth and efficient operations through our centralized coordination team<
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Active notification of the shipping movement
  • Cargo transport insurance
  • Reliable and fast transit times

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