Manning Services

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Manning Services

PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD can deliver quality assured manning services by supplying you with competent, well trained, experienced and professional manpower. Our qualified team is capable of carrying out single crew requests as well as manning entire vessels.

We can provide ratings and professionals for the undermentioned vessel types:

  • Roro
  • Bulk carrier
  • Container
  • Multi-functional
  • Reefers
  • General cargo
  • Dry cargo
  • Heavy lift

What Do We Do?

Due to having relationships with multiple reputed companies, we handle various types of crew management contract on a regular basis as part of our work. Moreover, we garner our knowledge by learning effective practices from our valued partners, so that we can cater a reliable partnership based on professional approach, in-depth knowledge about the business of clients and a thorough focus on their requisites.

How Do We Hire Our Personnel?

PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD believes that the key towards quality crew management is appropriate knowledge and extensive training. Hence, we leave no stone unturned for ensuring that each of our crew members possesses the required qualifications and training before stepping on board. Our recruitment process is strictly based around proper education, excellent communication skills, competency, discipline and training.

In other words, PRIME NEXT LOGISTICS LTD meets the challenge of providing motivated and sufficiently trained crew to clients through recruiting, motivating and training the best staff.

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